Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We are snug watching a nasty wind driven snow outside.  All the little birds are trying to huddle on the lee-ward side of the feeder and fighting each other for the snuggest place.  We saw one little guy on the cement by the gate post having dug himself a little snow cave while pecking for seed.  I might move the feeder to a more protected place though I don't have many options on that.  We plan to stay in until this cold passes which won't be for several days.  The last morning weather report I saw said the temperature was about +1F but the slide is on and we will be in negative numbers if not there already.

Tom Englehardt always provides a good read and has done so again today.  I would comment but he has already expressed everything that needs to be said far more eloquently.  I really do wish our political leaders could begin to think outside the Cold War/Cowboy box we spent most of the 20th century in but, given who is in Washington, I don't expect any such development.

Ah, yes, there are some things that should not be privatized.  This is the second system of private schools that has collapsed that I have heard of.

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