Monday, January 5, 2015

Good day to anyone out there on this snowy morning.  December made the record books as the least snowy on record.  We debated when we should do our weekly shopping and decided that today would be best.  We managed to get out before the latest pulse of snow and the temp is still just at freezing.  Most of this coming week is supposed to be positively frigid with actual temperatures in the (often low) single digits.  We figured we could hibernate through the brutal cold.

Found this interesting article.  So Russians will know what is in their foods but Americans, held hostage by the deep pockets of big-ag, won't.  It is hardly the "land of the free" when we don't have the info to make a truly free choice.


My goodness,  how cold it is.  The snow squalls yesterday left us with, perhaps, an inch and a half.  We are supposed to get more later today and throughout the night.  But the temps!!!  Right now (at 5 am) it is about 0F here with some negative readings around the region.  The rest of the week doesn't look any better.

My planning for the gardens this year is proceeding.  I took inventory of the seeds I have on hand and discarded several packets that are more than 3 years old.  I have a tendency to hang on to things for much too long and seeds that old generally don't germinate well.  Cleaned out the seed/plant catalogs and tossed last year's collection.   Now I need to go through this year's and start my list of what might be interesting to plant.  After I get that list I will narrow things down to what I can actually put into the space I have.  Considering the strange weather patterns of the last few years I wonder what this year will bring.

Fascinating article in Salon.  I have never had any great regard for 'Creationism' or 'Intelligent Design.'  Glad to see anything that puts a monkey wrench in their spokes.

Aren't our corporate person's such good citizens?  They get the profits and we are saddled with the guilt and costs.

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