Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Monday--May 1

Welcome to May. Happy May Day, or Beltane or what every your choice is. We have sun today after a stormy night and steady rain all day yesterday. The plants in the garden are doing well though I was almost afraid to look after the deluge we heard last night. The weather forecasts have changed dramatically and we may wait a week to go back to the garden shops. Even if we had the plants on hand I am not sure I would have a dry enough stretch to put them in. I have some home started cucumbers and tomatoes I can put in later today--if it stays dry.

Tuesday--May 2

Woke to a power outage this morning. It lasted only about three hours.

John Beckett has some good comments on "Loyalty Day." I commented a couple of days ago that I thought it an asinine idea but had no notion it had a fairly long history. As Beckett says: a bad idea with a 60 year history is still a bad idea.

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