Sunday, May 28, 2017

Saturday--May 27

We have cloudy skies right now but the weather forecast calls for sun. I don't have any major gardening on the schedule. I have, maybe, a dozen or so empty places for plants but no plants to put into them. Next week we plant on going to a local farm market we haven't visited yet and I will see if they have plants I might like to try out. We are still a week away from opening day of the city farm market. I still have a good bit of cleaning up and rearranging to do in the shed and the little greenhouse. We'll see if the spirit moves in that direction. So far the two aloe and the large rosemary are doing well after transplant.

Sunday--May 28

I feel lazy this nice sunny Sunday. I checked the gardens and all the plants except the anemone are doing well. I think our three-day heat wave of mid to high 80s damaged it. I moved the plant to a shadier micro-environment and it has been hanging on. One of the stevia looked a bit off but is rebounding. I will water this afternoon.

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