Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday--May 20

Another wet day with thunderstorms predicted. I really can't complain about the rain. We needed it and I don't have to water anything. It just sets back my planting but the new plants are doing well in the little greenhouse until things dry out a bit.

We have most of the plants we wanted in the gardens or in the greenhouse ready to go in. I still have to plant some cucumbers directly in the beds because the plants I started from seeds simply didn't fare well. I also think I will plants some sunflowers directly just to see if they do better than the seeds I started inside. One observation from this year: the prices have gone up considerably. Over the season I plan to see how many of my plants I can propagate from cuttings. That will reduce my costs considerably. My guesstimate: prices have doubled at the low end over the last four or five years. I still have space available for a few more plants but I am going to wait till the farm market opens and see what they have. I have found interesting, new-to-me plants each year.

I have seen ads frequently during the limited time our tv is on for The whole notion doesn't appeal to me. This article reinforces that.

Bored Panda posted this item that had us laughing and wondering if Capt. Obvious wrote the signs.

Ah--someone else has had the same feelings about communicating with Repthuglican/Conservative friends/acquaintances/family that I have: we seem to be living two different realities. Or, maybe three. I remember thinking that the Clinton/Damnocrat version that "everything is fine and the system needs a few, little tweaks" reality was as much poppycock as the Trump/Repthuglican notion that everything was shit swirling down the toilet. Neither version corresponded to my reality. I think most voters were left with trying to decide which version most corresponded to the lives we live.

That's a rhododendron!! Wow!! Just Wow!!

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