Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday--May 10

We have some weak sunshine today. If it stays dry I have four more transplants to put in place. The cucumbers are recovering nicely. I should move the Mitoyo eggplants and marigolds into the greenhouse. I may add the patio eggplants also to the outside mix. I have two Red Robin tomatoes that I think will do better outside. The sweet basil and lime basil are not doing well. I think it got too cold on a couple of nights. I relied too much on the fact that the garden shop had them on outside racks when I bought them. The pot of stevia is perking up nicely. I plan to separate out the four plants into separate pots and put three outside--later after it warms up a bit. I want to start my beans inside in toilet paper tube pots for transplanting in about two weeks--again when it should be warmer.

Found this on Tomdispatch today. I think the last sentence sums up the matter very nicely: It is a reasonable bet that never before in history has a society spent more on war and gotten less bang for its copious bucks.

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