Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday--May 24

Yesterday was cool and cloudy. We did get some scattered showers but nothing major. We expect for today. It was one of those days when my ambition and energy were missing in action so I didn't do much of anything. If we get a long enough time between showers I may try to get the last two plants (sweet basil and lime basil) into containers. "The last two plants" for now.  I still have spaces for other plants but I will wait for the farm market to open. That will come a week from this coming Saturday. I may start harvesting the spearmints soon. They are growing like the weeds they once were.

We actually got some sun this morning and, though the temps are still quite cool, I got the lime and sweet basil plants in their containers. What ever rain we got didn't do much for several plants so I also watered them. I still have space for two large plants (5 gal. buckets) and about a dozen small plants in scattered places. The tomatoes that weren't dealing well with that bright sun on our stretch of mid-to-high 80s are coming back very nicely.

Al Jazeera had this item today on a world wide penicillin shortage. I might feel more sympathy with drug manufacturers who complain about the lack of "profit" in producing penicillin since it is off patent if I hadn't read about the cost to patients of new drugs often in the high five figures for a 3-month course of treatment, or the daraprim nightmare where the only company making the drug was bought and the cost went from a bit over $13 to $750 overnight, or the epipen fiasco in which the cost quintupled in a very short time. I think they ought to ramp up production of penicillin as a public service.

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