Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday--May 9

We did get a bit of rain last night. I expect the plants did well though the cucumbers are a question mark right now. I put them out in their container yesterday. The overnight cold (near freeze) a couple of nights ago nearly zapped them. I hope they come back well. I still have two dianthus and two double geraniums that look like yellow roses to put out and I am considering planting the small patio eggplant that are well grown upstairs in the gardens. They would make a nice intermediate plant between the vines at the back and whatever short flowers I might put at the back. My standard eggplant are a bit small yet to put outside. The next ten days weather forecasts look pretty good temperature-wise--nothing below 45. Hope that will pan out.

McClatchy has a good article on the "internet-of-things." I do love the internet. I love going on and researching anything anytime. I love the email. But I don't want everything connected to everything else. I don't want my fridge telling me that I am low on milk and ordering it for me. I don't use my phone, which is low on the "smart" scale but smarter that I really wanted, to surf or google or anything like that. I don't mind technology. After all, humans have been technological animals from before we stood upright. But I want to decide what is useful to me and what is not.

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