Friday, May 5, 2017

Wednesday--May 3

Quite chilly today. The weather forecasts last night predicted patches of frost. I haven't checked the outside plants yet because it is just beginning to be light enough to see something.

Here is another entry in the "Health Care as Scam" file. I would love to say something suitably scathing about this new outrage but I find I am all out of the vitriol required.

Thursday--May 4

Not as cold as yesterday but we should have rain again. The plants came through Tuesday night's colder temps in fine shape. I still need a couple of dry days so I can get those in the mini-greenhouse in the containers.

Friday--May 5

Another chilly and blustery day. The sun has been in and out all morning but hasn't done much to warm things up. I checked the plants and all are well watered with the rains we have been having. I have a couple of thoughts about raising some of the small pots so they drain and don't remain in standing water in the low spots. I saw a couple of strawberry plants that aren't doing too well but most of the remaining plants are fine. The plants in the greenhouse don't need watering and will wait until the weekend when the temps are supposed to be warmer. We plan on going to the garden shops tomorrow and see what is now available.

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