Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday--May 21

Thunderstorms are rumbling through with some heavy rain. No gardening today.

Well, it cleared off and the containers were dry enough that I did get some gardening done. I planted the hibiscus, Mitoyo eggplant, impatiens, 2 more lavender plants, a laggard bean sprout, several Chiante sunflowers (seeds this time) and another set of pickling cucumbers and Dragon's Egg cucumbers. I stopped at that point and will continue tomorrow. I still have two patio sized tomatoes, three marigolds, sweet basil, lemon balm, lime basil and 3 geraniums. We are thirteen days from the opening of this year's farm market. And, yeah, I am counting down the days.

I just found this news story which is dated yesterday (May 20, 2017) I was flabbergasted, first. by the size of the recall (47 million pounds of meat, vegetable and fruit products); second, by the fact that the recall was dated May of last year, as I discovered by following the trail of links, and we hadn't heard about it before now; third, by the astounding list of products and brands included. Our industrial food production system does produce an abundance of product but also an abundance of waste and the potential for wide spread food poisoning.

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