Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good last Sunday in January to everyone out there.  We had some nice sun yesterday and no new snow overnight.  The weather people are forecasting several days in the 40s.  We were deciding what to fix for suppers this week and what isn't on the list are soups and chili.  Much of our winter fare just isn't appetizing.  If this weather pattern continues I will put the cover on the mini-greenhouse in a couple of weeks.  I spent yesterday cleaning out my file cabinets.  The personal and legal papers are taken care of; now for the needlework patterns.  I have an accumulation of quilting, embroidery, crochet, and cross stitch patterns gathered over 45 years.  I started embroidery in my early teens and crochet in my late teens.  Plus all of the miscellaneous craft patterns.  I found one little booklet on soap making.  I may never make my own soap but I am keeping it anyway.

I found this from karoli at Crooks&Liars.  If there were more hosts like Martin Bashir I would watch the talking heads shows.

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Nicola said...

It's very cold in Cornwall tonight compared to what we are used to and snowing on Bodmin Moor. I'm tucked up with my hot water bottle.