Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello, Everyone.  About 10F warmer than yesterday at this time.  We are on the upward trajectory for temperature and the next week looks to be in the 40s.  Mom always says that one extreme follows the other.  Last winter was unusually cold and snowy.  So far this one has been warmer than usual with very little snow.  Most of our precipitation has come in the form of rain.  However, we have two more months of winter, if you count from December 1, or three, if you count from the Solstice.  Either way it is certainly not nearly over.

Sorry about your garden, Nicola.  I know weather happens but that doesn't mean I have to like the results of it.  'Pitching' is an Americanism for 'throwing out'.  Here that is reserved for something that is worn beyond any repair or use.  Not many things get to that point.  I have an old nightgown that though not reparable will be cut up into strips that can be crocheted into rugs, mats, or bags.  When I check my t-shirts some of them will go that route also.  If I can put something, or part of something, to a new use I generally do that.

I was wondering how you were doing with the weather out there, Lois.  I remember some of the fantastic snows we got in Ft. Collins that seemed to melt away as quickly as they came.  Hope your boys aren't as bummed out as Kuma is here.  He doesn't understand that his fur coat is only partial protection agains the kind of cold we had over the last couple of days.  Nor was he at all happy when I opened to door and he got a blast of snow in the face thanks to the high winds.  He suddenly decided he didn't want to go out after all while, of course, he blamed me for not doing something about that awful white stuff.


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I think your Mom may be right. Last winter we didnt have any significant storms and this year we have had several already.

Kay Dennison said...

You sent me what looked to be a nasty blizzard but it was short-lived and the effects are waning as I type.