Friday, January 20, 2012

Good morning, Everyone.  We expect snow today and it is very cold.  Only 15F on the patio and half that according to the morning news out of Chicago.  How much snow?  They have no idea.  Their models are all over the place--anything from 2 to 9 inches.

I saw a bit of Morgan's testimony on  CNN, I think.  He came off very badly.  I don't watch any of the talking head shows.  I find they are, as a rule, loud, rude, and very biased while shedding very little light on the issues.  I haven't watched any of Piers Morgan.  I am not surprised that, so far, the Murdocks have been treated lightly--money buys you a lot of gentle consideration--and would not be surprised if they got off with a slap on the wrist.  The story has disappeared almost entirely from our news.  I hope, Nicola, that somehow our political and legal critters finally come back to the notion that criminal actions should receive the appropriate criminal penalties.  But I am not holding my breath.

Well, this has certainly come full circle.  For decades manufacturers have moved jobs out of the U.S. to foreign parts where they could get workers at slave labor rates and our politicians have castigated us because we weren't willing to take any back-breaking, lousy paying, no benefits jobs just to starve a bit slower.  Now Canadian workers are being threatened with the loss of their jobs which the company wants to move--to Muncie, Indiana where we desperate Americans are willing to work for lousy pay and no benefits.

What a day!!!  Our TV went out--right in the middle of a DVD.  It was getting power but it wouldn't navigate between the cable and the blue ray player.  It wasn't a total surprise; we just didn't expect it so suddenly.  So we made a quick trip to Best Buy and found a very nice one.  Brought it home along with a new entertainment center.  We had to put that together which took a couple of hours.  Actually it wasn't actually hard but neither of us are limber or as strong as we once were so we are now aching and exhausted.  It looks good and we finally figured out the TV.  I really hate getting new electronics.  Figuring them out is always a pain.  Something really strange though--we couldn't get the TV to function at all when the blue ray was plugged into the new surge protector with the cable box and TV.  Once we moved it into an older surge protector everything starting working.  I know several bloggers who don't use TV or cable but we can go that route  only if we have no alternative.

On a good note: the first of my seeds have arrived.  Baker Creek really processed and mailed the order fast.  I only placed it Tuesday.


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Nicola said...

Your order was quick in coming.

No post today as I have had lots to do, just catching yours before I go to bed.

It's been a grey day but dry. If you go on my web site via my profile on my blog, if it is daylight in the UK you can check out my webcam to see the conditions in the cove although I think that our time zones are quite different. Night night x.