Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good morning to you all.

I found the BBC site, Nicola.  Will have to explore it more but I think it may play.  I have bookmarked it. I am getting quite a collection of foreign news sites.  I will go back to it later after we get back from taking the car in for a repair.

I wonder if the European politicians advocating 'austerity' thought about this possibility.

I have been following this kind of story for several years now.  About 25 years ago a history professor who specialized in western water law told me that the Colorado River no longer reached the Gulf of California.  At that same time I was reading a memoir of a cavalry wife, Vanished Arizona, in which she described traveling to her husband's new post by way of paddle wheelers on the Colorado.  In the space of 100 years we had so confined, dammed, and diverted the water that her journey in the 1880s would have been impossible in the 1980s.

This piece led to a quick internet search and some discussion.  We have used dryer sheets forever and never really thought much about what they used in them.  Lately we have become very disenchanted because they don't seem to work.  Now we have another reason to be dissatisfied--the chemicals.  And we found that none of the ingredients are listed on either of the two brands of dryer sheets we have in our laundry space.  I had thought that maybe we should use white vinegar in the rinse cycle.  But mom is going to try soaking a cloth in vinegar and putting it in with the dryer load.  If that doesn't work we will try the rinse cycle addition.  We wish we could hang out the clothes in good weather but we don't have any room to do that.

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Nicola said...

I am so pleased that it will play. Check out the radio programmes with your interest of everyday news and views you will enjoy many of them.