Friday, January 27, 2012

Good morning, Everyone, on this last Friday of January.  My god how fast this month has gone.  But then I have been saying some version of that for a long time now.  We have been busily cleaning up and rearranging things.  Still have a good bit more.  When we do our normal round of errands on Monday we will take one pile of items to Goodwill which will clear up some space nicely.  Now we have to go through the drawers and shelves and see exactly what we have in them.  We needed to get those items out of the way so we could move after we rearranged the shelves and furniture.  I can't really complain though since we haven't done this for several years.  I am still amazed at the amount of stuff we have accumulated.  Oh, Joy!! we just got sunshine.  With temps around 40F some more of the snow should melt.  And it doesn't look like we will get any more soon from the weather maps.

Now this is intriguing.  I have seen several articles about 'winter sowing' lately.  I think I will research it a bit more and maybe make a note to try it next year.  Has anyone out there tried this?

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Nicola said...

The link about winter sowing was very interesting. Are you going to try.