Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good Saturday to all of you out there.  Well, most of the snow has passed.  We ended up with somewhere  between 7 and 9 inches.  They say we should get some sun before a new system comes in--but that one should bring rain.   In other words, we can expect a slushy mess starting tomorrow.  Till then--cold.

Baker Creek has been very good, Nicola.  This is the second year I have ordered from them.  Everything has performed pretty much as described.  We did get a couple of items that we won't grow again.  We didn't really like the flavor of the little melon we tried last year but it grew well and produced well for anyone who might like it.  The Vietnamese pepper was really beautiful and prolific but it was a bit too hot for our needs.  But the little Dragon's Egg cucumber was marvelous and the Black Peony poppy (which would have done better if the gardener had been more experienced) was really pretty.  You are right on the time difference--6 hours between Chicago and London.

Chris Martenson posted this interesting article on an experiment I have read about off and on for a while now.  I have seen a lot about the local food movement but this one focuses on 'locally sourced' clothing.

Didn't see much worth commenting on and I have some housekeeping to do so I will stop now.

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