Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good morning to you all.  Unseasonably warm again today.  Much of the snow has melted at least in the sunny areas.  Most of the next week should be the same if the weather people are accurate.

The Repthuglican Traveling Clown Circus has moved from Iowa, which can go back to the insignificance in which it usually exists, to New Hampshire, which will bask in its quadrennial spotlight until after its primary.  Politics is such a strange game.  John McCain decided to endorse Romney whom he described as honest and straightforward--ignoring the fact that he characterized Romney as a 'flip-flopper' during the last Presidential primary cycle.  Bachmann is out but Perry has decided to stay in.  And not a single Repthuglican isn't pandering to the Religious Right.  Damn!!!

Damn on another front!!  Hotmail froze my account this morning because someone hacked in and used it to send a bunch of e-mails.  I had to give them my cell phone number and get a code to unlock it.  I don't know what would be a good enough punishment for the @$$hole.  Oh, well the account is back.

Hey, Kay, you may have gotten the lake effect snow that set up just east of us and affected Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.  Hope our warmer weather comes your way.

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Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

Hi Mary,

I was hacked last week. Google picked it up straight away though which was good but it was a pain getting access back into my account particularly as I live in a no reception area for cell phones. I posted about it.