Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good morning to Everyone out there.  If the weather people are right we should see a good bit of our snow melt away today.  The predicted temperature in the low 40s with rain should make sure of that.  Temperatures over the week will hang just about the freezing point.

I am ignoring the primaries as much as possible.  I don't see any real choice for me in these candidates.  Besides, as an independent I can't vote unless I register as a party member and then only to choose between the candidates in that party.  I find it hard to choose the lesser of the evils when there are hardly any good points on any of their platforms.  Mitt Romney--well, if a man wants the presidency so badly he will repudiate all of his previous actions in the political arena and espouse the most right wing fringe ideas I have no use for him and he should not be elected.  Newt Gingrich--do we really want a serial hypocrite?  I think it is incredibly cynical of him to insist that his marital infidelity should remain private when he led the charge to impeach a President for the same.  And remember the standard for impeachment is 'high crimes and misdemeanors.'  It doesn't really matter that the impeachment failed.  It does matter that he supported impeachment for actions he has engaged in himself.  Rick Santorum--I really don't care to have his religiosity influence the laws that govern me.  I don't mind if these sanctimonious (choose your preferred descriptor--I've used my favorites way too much) hold to their chosen religious dictates but I deeply resent them imposing them on me.  I am not a member of their churches.  Ron Paul--I can respect the man for hewing to his principles.  They just aren't mine.  I don't mind the notion of self-reliance, in moderation.  But I do resent the notion of 'you're on your own' in a society where we really have to depend on the good behavior and benevolence of others, corporate and individual.  Right now we can't expect either.

We are busily cleaning and rearranging things here.  Getting that new TV and stand means we have to find a new place for the old stand/entertainment center.  It is too nice a storage area to get rid of and it would be in our way until one of the family decided to come and get it--if any of them would want it at all.  And unless we are giving away something they really want and have a tight time frame, they might take weeks (or more) to pick up the item.  We found a place for the old cabinet but to fit it in we had to completely re-arrange our sewing/storage room.  That is exhausting since it involved moving five of six file cabinets, a heavy desk, and two 8ft bookcases.  After that we have to go through everything and rearrange what we keep so we know what we have.  That is going to take a while.

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Nicola said...

It sounds as if you have had a very busy weekend.