Monday, March 18, 2013

Good Monday, Everyone.  Hope you all enjoyed your St. Paddy's Day weekend.  Ours was nice and quiet.  We are still taking things easy with the after effects of our colds.  We hope that sometime this week we will get back to our walking schedule.  The weather squashed that plan today.  We have a wintery mix of precipitation which has made roads a patchwork of slick spots.  These two nuts don't have to get behind the wheel.

I just finished making another 30 paper pots.  I planned to do that yesterday but got incredibly lazy and didn't do any of it.  I will start some more seeds tomorrow.  Several of the seedlings I started in peat plugs have perked up since I transferred them (plug and all) into the paper pots with potting soil.  I have a note to myself that the last chore I plan on in the fall is to make up a large batch of home made potting soil.

The post-mortems on the last election are in full swing from both the Damnocrats and the Repthuglicans.  So far the Repthuglican side, as far as I can see, are suggesting cosmetic changes.  They say their positions are solid but their messaging and presentation was weak.  If they could only dribble more honey on their intolerance and bigotry the poor, women, and minorities will love them to pieces.  No amount of linguistic honey will make their message palatable to me.  On the other side,  I don't see many liberals.  The Democratic Party has been nearly as co-opted by business interests as the Republicans always were.  It is interesting that Obama is converting his campaign organization to a political action organization outside the confines of the Party.  I wonder how far this will be pushed because the Republicans are increasingly turning to outside organizations to perform the functions the Party once did.

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