Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good Tuesday, All.  The snow hasn't really moved in here yet.  We have a mere dusting but more is on the way though not so much as was expected this time yesterday.  I find it interesting how many schools are closed and how many flights at Chicago airports are cancelled in anticipation.  We aren't going anywhere--not with Mom still definitely under the weather and me feeling a bit off as well.  I hope it won't progress to a full on cold.  We'll see.

It is now Wednesday after a very snowy Tuesday.  The heavy snow started about 10 or 11am and continued through the rest of the day.  The crew our landlord has to clear the snow has already been out and the sidewalks are shoveled.  I will get a path to the gate cleared a bit later and a little bit at a time.

We just had a thought we have had with increasing frequency lately.  We actually got more real news forty years ago when the evening news was half an hour long split between local and national stories.  It was similar in the morning and by 7am the programming shifted to cartoons.  Today we had news from 5:30am when I turned on the cable to a little after 8 when I turned it off in total irritated disgust.  Three quarters of the stories were repeated every half hour with nothing new added.  Among the repeats: Kate's slip which might indicate England's next monarch might be a queen, the Vatican has imposed a gag on the Cardinals--no more interviews, Hugo Chavez's death--which was covered well last night, the new record level on the Dow and how long it might be sustained, and a whole bunch of crap that was so important I can't remember what the hell it was.

Just finished shoveling that path I mentioned above.  I would say the minimum snow level was 8 inches.  It was already starting to melt underneath but I found about four inches of hard ice between the gate and my large container.  It really limits how far we can open that gate.  I hope we do get some of those warmer temperatures and melting we have been promised.  I really don't want to chisel out that ice.

We just had a brief interruption in our internet.  I don't know what happened but suddenly we couldn't do anything or go anywhere on the net.  Glad it was brief.

I saw this some while ago but simply filed it away because it didn't involve one of Indiana's senators and no charges had been filed.  Now it looks like it maybe another nasty example of political dirty tricks.  If someone did bribe women to make these claims I would dearly love to see that someone charged in court.

We finally got our internet back a little bit ago for the second time today.  First time we have had that kind of an interruption for a long time.  I am always surprised to realize how much we depend on our electronic communications connections.  And always a little uneasy with it.  Google has also been a pain in the butt.

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