Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Sunday, Everyone.  We expect snow today--how much depends on how far south that nasty storm that hit Denver, shut down I-70 from Denver to the Kansas border, and now is slashing its way through every state from central Illinois and Indiana to the middle of Florida.  Spring seems to be see-sawing with winter.  I received my cranberry plant in the mail yesterday.  Right now it is with my other inside plants (bay, rosemary, lemon verbena, and Christmas cactus) under the sewing lamp I shifted over as a grow light.  We haven't got the grow light I ordered a couple of weeks ago.  That is still on backorder.

Welcome to the last Monday of March.  I know I say this all too often but my goodness how the time is speeding by.  We did get a bit of snow last night--just a bit.  Most of the brutal weather went south of us.  I am very ready for winter to be over.  While I do enjoy definite seasons I like winter least of all.


Tuesday now.  I don't know what I will find to comment on.  We got another dusting of snow overnight.  The weather reporter just said that this March, depending on the rest of the week, may go into the record books as one of the twenty coldest Marches.  It may be the coldest since 1996 or 1984.  It all depends on what the temperatures reach over the next several days.  And this after the hottest summer on record.


Well, it is now Wednesday.  We have a bit of a warm up for the next four or five days.  I hope most of my container gardens will thaw.  Several still have two inches of ice.  I haven't had much to say about what is on the news--same old, same old.  Let's see if that changes today.

This Washington Post posted this story and, for anyone who has followed environmental news for the last few years, it comes as no great surprise.  And the EPA study concerned rivers only.  It didn't discuss the condition of our ground water and aquifers.

Good news!! The grow light system I recently ordered has been shipped.  I should have it soon.

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