Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good Thursday to you all.  We had a busy day yesterday because we had been down with those colds for nearly two weeks and were running out of a lot.  We were pleasantly surprised when we stopped at our little meat market because the prices hadn't go up significantly.  We were barraged by news stories just a couple of weeks ago warning of bit price hikes.  It may be a bit early yet and we still have two more such trips when we need pork and beef.  Continuing on the theme of prices--we were amazed when an economics reporter on our national news program a week ago touted the 'drop' in gas prices and attributed that drop to a decline in oil prices.  Why were we amazed?  Well, we hadn't seen any significant increase or decrease in oil prices at the same time our gas price went from $3.35/gal to $3.99/gal and then back to $3.77/gal where it is now.  Another story had us also scratching our heads--the resurrection of low down payment home loans.  Those guys simply don't have any capacity to learn from the past.  I also heard that the NINJA and other liar loans are making a comeback.  Sheeeeesh!!!

June Calendar's post today struck a chord.  We were forced to replace our wifi router yesterday.  The old one failed after some 10 years of (more or less) faithful service.  I say 'more or less' because we think it has been showing signs of decrepitude for some time--lost signals and such.  We went to Best Buy and started looking at the various options becoming thoroughly confused in record time.  As we told the very nice young (male) clerk the technology has gotten so far beyond me I am constantly amazed.  Once upon a time I could easily understand what the capabilities of a router (or a computer, or a modem or such).  Making the choice was only the first hurdle.  Once we got it home we had to get it connected and set up.  The computers were fairly easy because the router came with a disk that did most of that it for us. The TV connection so we could get Pandora was a bit more of a problem only because navigating the TV controls was much less than obvious.  Finally, swore my way through that and then easily got the Nook connected also.  Have I said before how very little I like new technology? The nicest part of the process was talking to the clerk who didn't mind walking a couple of old ladies through the material.  I guess there are some perks to being an old lady.

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