Friday, March 8, 2013

Hello, all.  I don't know how much I will read or write today.  The cold hit hard yesterday afternoon and all I want to do is sleep.

As you can see I didn't get very far yesterday.  Still tired today (Friday).  Just coming downstairs and starting the coffee exhausted me.  Mom felt the same about pouring the coffee and combing her hair.  I will say I feel better than I did yesterday.  But I don't think we will be doing much till Monday at the earliest.

I did check my second seed starts.  Saw stevia, lettuce, and spinach poking their little leaves up.

I think Elizabeth Warren is absolutely right on.  We need a 'death penalty' for corporations.  They shouldn't get off simply because of their size.  Every bit of money they laundered and every bit of profits they made by laundering that money (or by violating sanctions) should be forfeit and the people at the top should be jailed.  Yves Smith puts the situation very well--Treasury and Fed officials who are supposed to regulate banks 'prevaricate' during testimony.  That is a polite way to say they lie.  So the Justice Department is unwilling to prosecute and the Treasury and Fed are unwilling to regulate.  Can anybody else spell 'free pass?'

The good news on this issue--the bacteria haven't spread beyond hospital setting.  The bad news, beyond the fact that it is 50% fatal , can transfer the resistance to other more common and unrelated bacteria, and are resistant to just about every antibiotic out there--how long do you think it will remain within hospitals?

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