Friday, March 15, 2013

Good morning on this middle of March Friday.  We have some weak sunshine so far but rain should move in later and over night--if the weather people's models are right.  I don't really mind because, if the temperatures remain in the high 30s and low 40s a lot of the snow that remains will be gone before a new batch comes in over Monday.

Just spent a couple of hours making newspaper pots and transferred about a dozen of the seedlings I started in peat plugs into them.  Tomorrow I think I will start a batch of spinach and lettuce to replace the first start which isn't looking too healthy.  I can hardly wait for that grow light system to get here so I can start using it.  Can't do anything outside yet. Almost everything is still iced over and will be for a while.  And after the ice melts the pots have to drain somewhat before I can really do anything.

We had the second of the gardening classes the park service offers over the year.  This one was on garden planning.  I have yet to see a garden plan I have made be the garden I ended up with in the fall.  Something always gets moved, or doesn't thrive, or just doesn't fit with my space.  But as usual it gave us a couple of ideas--like moving the trellis.  We originally put it where it is because there is a gap the left between the wall and the fence to accommodate the water faucets.  Our cats found the gap quickly and we didn't want them bullying the neighbor's dog so we put up the trellis.  It kept them in and allowed us to turn on the water when needed.  We don't have pets now so the trellis can be moved to somewhere where it can be used for what it was intended--to support plants.

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