Saturday, January 25, 2014

A respite before the next cold snap. Miscellanea.

Our temps started in the low 30s (F) but have been dropping and will continue to drop to single digits by this evening.  The wind of course makes it feel much colder.  We had planned to visit the annual garden show but decided against.  Sorry to miss it but by the time we would be coming home the wind chill will be well below 0.

This story intrigued me and infuriated me at the same time.  I was intrigued because I had never heard of abrin which led me to Wikipedia where it was described as a "select agent," something else I had never heard.  I won't link because you can easily find it if you want to.  It is a nasty substance related to ricin.  What infuriated me?  The lawyer giving a sob story about the poor little shit who was orphaned before age 15, and has been in and out of foster care since.  So now, at age 19, he should be treated gently.  Sorry, I don't buy it.  He was producing it (and ricin), trying to sell it on line with specific instructions on how to use it to kill someone, and had two meth labs in his house.  Maybe Floridians should elect the brat to congress.

I will not download this but I absolutely love what it does.  I don't need the program to translate bullshit titles.  I do a pretty good job by myself.

Found another intriguing article.  What was especially intriguing was the notation that the pig virus was also spreading in the U.S.  We hadn't seen anything about it here.  However, the Wall Street Journal had an article two weeks ago.  Being a business publication the WSJ focused on the probable effect on the meat industry and consumer prices.  Mainstream media, however, is very urban oriented.  All it would report is the rise in prices (after the fact) and nothing about the cause.

Update:  just looked out the patio door and saw near whiteout.  The wind has picked up and is blowing both new and old snow sideways.  Just as well we decided to hibernate.

Update 2:  we have sun now but the wind is still high.  Mom is happy--the wind is clearing the car for her.

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