Friday, January 31, 2014

Some Contrary thoughts. Utah school lunch fiasco.

Happy Friday, everyone.  We only had a dusting of snow yesterday late.  More significant snow coming later overnight.  The local weather people say that this January is the third snowiest on record with a little less than a yard of snow.  What is coming won't change that.

We are staying snug at home for the most part and carefully selecting those days we go out on errands.  Last thing we need is to get caught in nasty conditions.

So the Utah school district has apologized for taking the lunches (already distributed) from children whose parents were behind on paying their children's accounts.  One of the parents claims her child's account was up to date.  Contrary thought one: the cruelty of this is mind blowing.  Or, rather, would be if it weren't for several recent similar incidents.  An Arizona school district thought giving children with unpaid accounts a slice of cheese food between a couple of slices of white bread was a reasonable response.  Contrary thought two:  evidently the all notions of adequate nutrition went out the window when money is considered.  Strange isn't it that financial considerations had considerable weight for a school district but not so much in discussions of the urban poor in food deserts? Contrary thought three:  the waste was obscenely immoral.  I don't know how many stories I have seen over the last few months claiming that as much as half of all food produced in this country (and, according to one, worldwide) is wasted.  I often wonder if people have simply had their common sense surgically removed.

Question: Why has it taken three months to get this bit of idiocy this far?  I know our court system seems to move in a glacial pace but three months for a case of vandalism seems a bit much.

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