Sunday, January 5, 2014

We only got, maybe, three inches over night.  But the weather people are saying that the bulk of our expected 12+ inches are yet to come.  Our temps are still in the low 20s but going down.  We did our shopping done yesterday--two days ahead of schedule.  We didn't really need much but wanted to make sure our milk and juice and Mom's meds would carry over the misery to come.  We intend to stay indoors for the next four days.  Evidently, according to the news this morning, a lot of other people decided to do the same.  The news showed a lot of people hitting the grocery and home improvement stores to stock up.  I was a bit amused as they interviewed some people getting the plastic window coverings.  We have had ours up since late October.

"An era of indulgent slothfulness..."  Understatement of all time.  We arranged things so that the only thing that would drive us out into this mess.  We certainly will not ask anyone to deliver pizza to us. We plan on pizza today--home made.

I have never been a great fan of Ralph Nader though some of his positions do resonate.  However, I love his response to a fund raising communication asking a donation for George W.'s presidential library.

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