Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dreams of a summer garden.

Though it is still cold and we still have a heavy blanket of snow (thankfully a lot less than a week ago), I am planning what I will put in my garden this year.  I put in four seed and plant orders yesterday.  I wanted to put in a couple of roses but I am picky.  I want roses that not only look good but have a good fragrance and are hardy to at least one zone above mine.  That was not easy.  I loved one new rose--a purple striped beauty.  It had everything except hardiness.  I finally found two.  They will be coming later in the season when it is appropriate to plant.  With everything still dormant outside (and snow covered) I can't tell how much will come back.  I am pretty sure of the tansy, pyrethrum and strawberries.  But this is the first winter for the hyssop, bee balm, and hibiscus.  Do you all have gardens?  If so, what are you planning?

I like Gene Logdson's blog pieces and I may have to pick up his latest book, Gene Everlasting.

Anyone remember that natural gas explosion in California that leveled part of a neighborhood?  Well, Washington DC might just be sitting on a similar leak waiting to explode.  But, hey--Washington Gas says they maintain a rigorous inspection schedule.

I love Ronni Bennett's alter ego, Crabby Old Lady.  She is in good form today--on the difficulty involved in trying to shop for drug prices.

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