Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Over the last decade or so it seems like we are remarking on how strange the weather and weather related conditions are.  Area (including Chicago) schools are closed a second day for the wind chill.  I grew up in this area and I can't remember a time when wind chill has closed schools.  The governor of Illinois has just declared an emergency because of a shortage of natural gas.  He has asked consumers to conserve electricity and not run appliances like clothes dryers.  I have never seen that happen here either.  So what happened to the bonanza we supposedly were getting from hydraulic fracturing?  This might be part of the problem but I can't remember so many explosions, leaks and other accidents involving oil, natural gas or other fuels as we have seen over the last three or four months.

This is a refreshing attitude.  Let's see what she does.

Another reason not to put apps on your phone.  Why make it easier for the snoops to follow you?

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