Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday and the snow has stopped but temps below 0F. Pictures.

We already went out to clear the car and the patio.  I think we got another 6 to 8 inches of snow on top of what we cleared yesterday.  I have pictures I will post soon.  The bird feeders were totally blocked with snow.  I sympathize with those east of us.  This storm was, and is, brutal.

At least we have perfect weather to stay inside and study the seed and plant catalogs--and start planning this year's gardens.
Ah, what the hey!  I might as well post the pictures now.  Mom tackled the car while I shoveled a path from the car back to the house and cleared parts of the patio.
 These lumps are actually flower pots topped by fluffy snow.  We used one to keep the gate open. It will probably remain open till spring.
 Twelve to fifteen inches of snow on top of the mini-greenhouse.  Right now it is simply a place to store pots and such.
 Northeast corner with remains of hibiscus.  Some of that snow I put there yesterday.  The rest fell on top since.  I cleared the snow off the bird feeders as you can see below.  At least they can now find food.

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