Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday miscellanea.

Good Tuesday, All.  I haven't seen much to comment on--especially anything I haven't commented on before (or ranted about).  I used to describe myself as a "news junkie" but over the last couple of years my "addiction" to the news has lessened considerably.  For the most part it is repetitive and dominated by "fluff"--celebrity driven stories in which I really have no interest at all.  So I will have to concentrate on other things.

I was amused this piece this morning.  As the old saying goes: what is old is new again.  Or as is repeated throughout the last couple of seasons of Battlestar Galactica: this has happened before and will happen again.  Fashionable Victorian women often had their floating ribs removed so they could cinch their corsets tighter.  Autopsies and dissections often revealed radical displacement of internal organs.  As Ives Smith (from whose Naked Capitalism site I found the story) wrote: "Girdles came back in fashion when I wasn't looking?"

This is an interesting story.  It seems older people don't have failing memories.  They simply have much more "data" to sort through.

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