Friday, January 24, 2014

Brutal weather continues. Odds and ends.

The only good thing about the weather today is that we have sun--for now.  We expect more snow and wind later today.  We plant to do some shopping early today (and very close to home) only because that will get us pass worse temps and weather coming.  But we won't do anything we had planned.  Why, you wonder?  This is why.  No, we weren't involved.  But it happened only about 10 miles north and 20 east.  It is an area we travel every now and then during the warmer months.  And that is the second multi-vehicle over the last couple of weeks crash in areas with which we are familiar.  The other was on I-65 a bit west and an hour south of us.

And we are worried about Iran and N. Korea???

I saw some pictures of this phenomenon a couple of days ago but these are more spectacular.  The glow is the result of a microorganism that fluoresces when agitated.

Update: we ain't goin' anywhere.  The car won't start.  The thermometer in the mini-greenhouse registered -5F.  Thankfully, we don't absolutely need anything we were going shopping for.  Our back stock will carry us over nicely.

Update 2:  Mom decided to see if the car would start this afternoon.  It turned over nicely.  The temperature was 25 degrees higher than it was when she tried earlier.  We did go to the store after all but were lucky because just as we headed to the register we found that the store was closing.  They had a major water leak in the ceiling.  I wonder if their pipes burst in the cold.

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