Monday, January 27, 2014

Cold and getting colder. Insanity.

The temperature is just barely above zero and it will get colder over night.  They say we may get some sun but it won't warm us any.  For the first time that either of us can remember school districts are closed because of wind chill temps that are already deep into negative double digits.  Those are also expected to go much lower.  Hope you are staying warm and safe.  These conditions are brutal.

Another case of agricultural insanity.  We keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  However, since Monsanto and other agribusiness giants are heavily invested in the genetically modified plant technology and want a massive return on their investment, we are not likely to do anything significantly different.  I have to ask one big question.  The system as it stands is setting up a nasty technological/scientific failure and what happens to our faith in science and technology when the failure comes?  Monsanto and its brethren have over-promised and under-delivered and all of their proposals simply double down on the original plan--if plants resistant to one herbicide is good then making plants resistant to another herbicide as well is better.  Might we not end up with a situation resembling the problem we are now having with strains of multiple-drug resistant bacteria?  I would guess that is a very likely outcome.

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