Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday.  Slow day yesterday--at least on the 'net.  Didn't see anything I wanted to comment on.  However, it was a productive day in the gardens.  Harvested lavender, lemon basil, and lemon thyme. The house smelled of lavender and lemon as they dried in the dehydrator.  I changed things a bit.  Took the three strawberries I had on the fence down.  Though the pheromone trap has reduced the numbers of Japanese beetles I still have more than enough to do noticeable damage and they seem to like the high plants best.  I put the strawberries on the table to recover before they were eaten beyond recovery.  The plants on the spiral hanger were all pot bound so the two petunias replaced two of the strawberries on the fence while I split the portulaca and repotted it in two of the small pots on the spiral.  I still have two empty spots to fill.  We had rain overnight which I hope has moved out so I can finish cutting back the lavender thyme.  The spearmint, peppermint, and stevia need to be harvested--again (for each.)  The tomatoes, peppers, beans, and melons are blooming nicely with little peppers and tomes developing well.  The squash is growing well but not yet blooming.  The borage is blooming well but I haven't seen many bees so far.

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