Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday.  Very cool this morning (mid 50s) and we had rain overnight.  Don't have much planned for today.  We have the last of the cherries to package.  They should be well frozen now.  Mom wants to take inventory of what is in the freezer so we can plan what meats we need to buy later over the fall.  All too soon the winter will be here and if it is at all like last winter we won't want to go out much at all and we will plan our shopping for the best travel days.

The garden is doing well.  I have several herbs I need to harvest and process over the next couple of days.  The crook-neck squash are putting on a growth spurt with the cooler and wetter weather.  The melons are blooming well.  We got a small bowl of strawberries we ate with our cereal.  I have a pretty variegated basil I want to put in the place of the geranium that that may have given up its ghost.  I say may because I see a small bit of bright green so I may transplant that into a small pot and put it in the little green house.  I have managed to keep most of the gardens under better control so it doesn't look as much like an overgrown jungle.

I knew this was coming.  It is a sad that freedom of religion for these Christianists is the freedom to discriminate.  Their faith has become a club with which to bash everyone else.

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