Saturday, July 19, 2014


Beautiful day yesterday.  Temperature might have barely kissed 80F with a lot of sun.  I cut back the gold leaf lemon thyme--which badly needed cutting--and have that in the dehydrator.  Later I will strip the leaves off the stems.  I also got the eucalyptus transplanted.  I forgot to tell you all I got that last Tuesday at the farm market.  I know I shouldn't look at plants because I am a sucker for plants I haven't tried before.  I took four of the green tomatoes which we fried up for supper.  The strawberries all went on our cereal.  Saw an eastern swallowtail butterfly for the second day in a row visiting our petunias and sunflowers.  The info I found says they are common but this is the first time we have seen them here.

David Kaiser has another on point post.  Our foreign policy is incoherent and has been for a very long time.  You can't blame Obama entirely nor can you go back to George W. either.  We have spent most of our energies since the Spanish American War trying to make over other countries and their peoples into imitations of what we thought we were and are.

Money does, indeed, make the world (especially the political world) go around.  As the King in the Wizard of Id said: Remember the Golden rule--he who has the gold rules.  And what trickles down to the rest of us we really don't want to trickle down on us.  I really hate cleaning up someone else's shit.

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