Thursday, July 31, 2014


And the last day of the front half of this year.  No rain over yesterday so watering is on the garden agenda.  I got a quart baggie of green beans off the vines yesterday and a couple of strawberries.  I also should trim the tomatoes a bit.  It makes it much easier to see what is developing and keeps the vines from overwhelming plants sharing their space.  I saw only one small tomato getting red so far.  We took a couple of the Albino Bullnose peppers for salad but none of the others varieties are ripe yet.  The wonderberry plants have numerous clusters of swelling berries.

So John Boehner and his fellow Repthuglican idiots in the House are hurt that anyone would think they are planning to try to impeach Obama.  It is all a plot by desperate Democrats to fire up their base and squeeze donations for the fall elections.  Riiiight!!  Rusticus 1778 demolishes the their bleatings convincingly.

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