Wednesday, July 30, 2014


More unseasonably cool weather so far today--lower 50s.  We only got to the mid 60s yesterday with a lot of non-productive clouds.  No rain at all.  The weather people predict low temps and possible rain over the next couple of days.  We'll see.  Nothing planned for the gardens except picking a few strawberries.


We did get rain last night so I shouldn't have to water anything except the beans and largest pepper.  Those two dry out faster than anything else.  I hadn't planned on any work in the gardens but found two more little pots of creeping thyme at the farm market.  The portulaca I had on the spiral hanger in small pots wasn't looking very happy so I moved them to a bare spot in one of the large containers and replaced them with the thyme.  Today I need to check over the beans and harvest some of them.

The news provided a bit of irritation this morning.  Evidently some idiot decided to conduct a poll asking if Americans approved of the job John Kerry is doing in the Middle East.  Evidently not many approve of his "handling" of the Hamas/Israel conflict.  Why am I irritated and why put that word in quotation marks?  I am irritated at the underlying assumption that our Secretary of State can in fact "handle" (as in solve) the conflict.  A real solution demands each side be willing to compromise and, so far, I don't see any ground for compromise between two antagonists with irreconcilable demands and whose attitudes are the definition of intransigence.  And, of course, our media points out none of this.

We really enjoy watching the birds in our little garden patch--especially the hummingbirds.  They have visited several times already this morning.  They seem to be feeding very frequently and spending a good bit of time at the feeder or working the flowers.  One came in this morning and visited the borage, wonderberries, melons, lemon basil, and beans.  At one point we had two playing ring-around-the-rosy at the nectar feeder.

I have seen a couple of other stories on this and I absolutely love it.

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