Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday.  It looks like I have another lazy day today.  Friday I just didn't do much of anything.  Yesterday we had a family gathering to celebrate my brother's retirement.  We had rain all day and a good bit of last night--at times heavy.  Some areas had flooding because of it.  Today things are too wet to work outside so I will have to shift my attention to inside work.  The weather people say the next three days should have temperatures well below the seasonal norm here.

Not as much damage as I feared in the gardens.  As I said, some of that rain was very heavy.  One of the tomatoes needed more staking.  One of our neighbors threw out one of the closet shoe organizers which I picked up for use in the garden.  I don't have any space to expand horizontally so I have to find ways to do it vertically.  That rack will make an interesting frame for climbing plants like beans and melons or for grow bags.

I have become increasingly leery of herbicides and pesticides as I have gotten older.  Stories like this one simply up my skepticism meter and I have been seeing many such casting doubts on the use (and over use) of popular agrochemicals.  I look forward to seeing data from El Salvador and Sri Lanka in coming years on the incidence of that new kidney disease.  If the disease disappears with the disappearance of glyphosate that would provide some strong evidence that glyphosate was involved in its appearance.

For years (decades really) I have lived in areas where the opening of gambling establishments (or the expansion of such) has been touted as a major source for public revenue.  This story should make any politico who still thinks that way.  At least they aren't blaming the weather.

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