Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday.  Harvested stevia, spearmint, and a nice handful of strawberries.  The strawberries went on our morning cereal.  Dried half of the stevia and all of the spearmint.  The rest of the spearmint is steeping in vodka till tomorrow when I will cook it down for syrup.  I will grind the dried herbs and harvest some of the peppermint and lemon thyme.  (I will do them tomorrow.) I found a pot of creeping thyme at the farm market which I transplanted into a small pot for the spiral plant holder.  We have had cool temps so far and that pattern looks like it will continue.  Last year we went through temperatures in the 90s throughout most of June and July.  We have had few such days this year--so far.  Just checked the thermometer on the patio--55F.

Instead of harvesting anything I have been doing some trimming on the rose, tomatoes, and lower leaves on the Kentucky Wonder beans.  I found two small bean pods developing.  We also watched on to the hummingbirds visiting the melon and borage blossoms.  I wasn't surprised that the borage attracted them.  Bees like borage which is why it is in the garden.  I haven't seen many bees though.  We have seen a large number of the small seed eating birds.  They seem to like it here.  Mom watched about a dozen hopping along the fence (only our sections) and through the gardens.  They don't visit anyone else--probably because there isn't anything for them there.  Saw three visiting the bird bath yesterday to get a drink.  We are watching it and our watering cans for any sign that something less welcome (a.k.a., mosquitos) are visiting.  Haven't found any yet.

Now this is re-purposing!!

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