Saturday, July 5, 2014


Oh, my goodness.  I think I might die of shock.  Finally a mainstream news outlet describes something other than envy of our lifestyle that drives the dangerous migration of unaccompanied youngsters into the U.S.

Well,  the FDA is getting into setting guidelines for the salt content of processed foods.  Several years ago we eliminated most processed food from our diets and started examining the rest for salt content. At the same time we stopped using as much salt in our cooking and for a good while banished the salt from the dinner table.  We have since allow the salt back slowly but we aren't consuming it in nearly the quantities we did in the past.  At the table we have a salt grinder which we use sparingly.  But I have to admit that health concerns were not the primary factor impelling the changes.  We simply didn't like the taste of the processed foods and once we started going back to cooking most of our foods from scratch (or nearly) the changes simply snowballed.

I haven't written about the latest abomination from the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case.  It is so wrong on so many levels I don't know quite where to begin.  Thankfully, David Kaiser has done the job for me.  Last fall I was overjoyed that a Hobby Lobby had opened in town because the Michaels had become such a disappointment.  Not anymore.  I won't be buying anything from either one.  I will exercise my religious "freedom" and not patronize a chain whose owners are intent on imposing their religion on others.  They aren't very far removed from the Sudanese jurists who condemned a woman to death for apostasy because she married a Christian.

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