Friday, July 25, 2014


Margaret and Helen hit the bull's eye on this.  Rather reminds me of the idiot child congressman (sorry, his name is totally forgettable) who went with a group of other idiot children congress critters to Honduras and Guatemala but rarely left their luxury hotels because it was too dangerous.  But, according to the idiot, the conditions are not too dangerous for the children crossing the American southern border.  Mother Jones covers it well.


We had a busy day yesterday.  Or, rather, a busier day than usual.  We found some nice green beans and strawberries while shopping on Tuesday.  So Mom got the strawberries cleaned, split and in the freezer right off the bat.  Then we headed over to the local Comcast office to tackle our latest bill which was $12 more than it should have been.  It is never fun to deal with Comcast but that was dealt with quickly and to our satisfaction.  They tried to charge us for HBO which we aren't getting.  It had been part of a package they tried to sign us up for but we rejected.  I don't know what the clerk thought when Mom told her that we have been very close to canceling it because there is so little we want to see.  Then when we got home I cleaned the beans, cut them up and packaging them for the freezer.

When the sun comes up I will get out in the gardens and see how the plants did in the wind yesterday.  It was brutal.  My green bean tower was whipping all around.  I have rarely seen winds affect my gardens because we have a six foot fence enclosing the area.  But the wind yesterday dipped in and swirled around.  Hope nothing has any damage.  I also have to water everything well because that wind would have sucked the moisture right out of the plants.

Our news this morning featured a couple of reactions to Walgreens plans to move its corporate headquarters to Switzerland to avoid U.S. taxes.  An activist group delivered petitions with a couple of tens of thousands of signatures opposing the plans and one of Illinois' senators wrote a "scathing" letter to the CEO.  I don't think those actions will help much to convince the company to stay in the U.S. and Illinois in particular.  What is needed is a strategy that will hit its bottom line.  I don't know if such a strategy will be developed by on an individual level we decided that, if Walgreens does move, we will move also--move our business to one of the small local pharmacies.  That, by itself, won't do much to hurt Walgreens.  We are only two people and spend, perhaps, $1000/year which includes Moms prescriptions.  But we don't see why we should support a company which doesn't support return the favor.  What companies like Walgreens is saying by moving is that they don't want to support this country.  But the situation doesn't really surprise me.  I have said for some time that our major companies, those that have gone international, have cut their roots and no longer belong any where and have no loyalty to any one or anything--except, of course, to squeezing as much money out of a captive market, which we are thanks to our bought and paid for legislative branch of government.

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