Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday.  August 1.  Where did the time go?

So what am I reading today?  Well, let's start with this piece found on Yves Smith's Naked Capitalism.  I have read a lot on developing water problems world wide and I can agree with her observation that nearly all consider the issue in isolation--as though it had no connections to other issues.  Most of the articles dealing with water shortage and energy concern the demands fracking makes on scarce water supplies in drought areas, like parts of Texas.  But conventional power generation demands large amounts of water as well.  We live in a network of interconnected resources, peoples, processes and when one is stressed others will be also.  And those stresses will be spread through the entire mesh of relationships. 

You may remember I was disappointed with the stevia last year.  It just didn't have the potency I was used to.  This year is entirely different.  I love the stevia syrup I have produced this year and the dried stevia is very different.  How different?  Well, I found a small jar about one-third filled from last year.  I want iced tea for supper so I brewed a pot early and leave it in the fridge to cool.  I thought about using the older batch but took a good sniff and decided against that notion.  I smelled this year's batch and there is a clear difference.  I wasn't imagining things.  Mom also detected the difference.  She thought the old supply had lost something.  I think it never had it to begin with.  What a difference a year makes.

Sometimes I simply scratch my head in disbelief--as when reading this item.  A teacher of English for non-English speakers is fired for writing a blog post on homophones because his boss a) doesn't know what the word means and b) was (supposedly) afraid his school would be forever associated with gay sex.  The idiot probably can't distinguish between there, their, and they're either.

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