Saturday, August 2, 2014


Harvested the shiso yesterday but we didn't fix it for supper.  We had a busy day and settled for grilled cheese sandwiches instead.  The shiso is in the fridge ready to be cooked up today.  I don't know how it will taste but the scent is intriguing--rather spicy, sort of a combination of cinnamon and licorice.  I don't think I will have to water anything.  We got a good rain yesterday.  About an inch over a 45 minute period of time.

I follow a fair number of crafting blogs.  I crochet, embroider, quilt among other activities and like to see what others do.  I won't try to duplicate the pieces pictured but they might give me ideas for my own projects.  This one is way up on the cute-o-meter.

I don't know which is worse in this story.  Is it the woman who thinks Nazi Germany's Final Solution for its undesirables (including but not limited to Jews) is a reasonable pattern for how to deal with illegal immigration on our southern border or the Minuteman asshole who "sympathizes" with her sentiments?  Excuse me while I take a vomit break.

And the dysfunctional and hypocritical House of (Non)-Representatives is just slightly less vomit worthy.

More from the Repthuglican comedy.  I guess they think people will forget who voted against the same measures when they were introduced not so long ago.  I would be more impressed if the Republican women Representatives defected as a group to the Democrats or went Independent.  As the old saying goes: talk is cheap.

The media and some of the blogosphere is going ape-sh#t over ebola and yeah it is a situation to watch.  But this concerns me far more.  It, along with other highly (often multiply) resistant germs, is already here; it is a man-made crisis thanks to over use and mis-use of antibiotics, and there is no cure.

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