Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Heavy downpour yesterday a little after noon.  We were already home and done with our errands.  The weather people say we should stay dry although some scattered areas may get brief showers.  But the forecasts change from day to day--often from one forecast to the next.

Picked up some more corn and a nice batch of roma tomatoes at the farm market so processing those is high on the list this morning.  I hope that will just about finish off the stock of each we want in the freezer for over winter.  Our new dehydrator came yesterday so I hope to give it a tryout today.  The bearings in the old one were beginning to go but it is in its box upstairs--just in case.

I have heard whispers of this in the mainstream press--whispers quickly stifled.  We bought a meat grinder a while back and used it for about a year before we found our small local meat market.  The grinder is in its box on the shelf--just in case.  We have said that if that market disappears we go back to grinding our own mean.

This story leaves me perplexed.  Is any "political" agreement truly binding?  For how long and on whom?  If Obama signed a "politically binding" agreement on climate change before a new congress comes in and the new congress is dominated by Republicans, would they really be bound by that agreement?  I expect not.  And that notion of "naming and shaming" is somewhat strange.  It assumes whoever fails to meet the conditions specified in the agreement is capable of feeling shame.  I am not at all sure many of the world's politicians are capable of being shamed.  I call this an exercise in futility.

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