Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday.  My goodness, where has the week gone?  Like the year (and so many years past) the time has just blitzed past.

Didn't do too much yesterday in the gardens.  Picked some beautiful strawberries  which we ate in our  cereal.  Took a couple of our tomatoes but found a problem with two.  One had definite blossom end rot while the other showed "black heart" disease.  Both are caused by environmental factors or by low calcium.  It has been a cool summer with inconsistent rain.  My soil fertility meter reads on the low side of optimal but it doesn't really measure calcium.  Oh, well--something to think about for next season.  Also harvested a couple of ripe Lipstick peppers.

From Grist--a foreshadowing of times to come?

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