Monday, August 18, 2014


I had thought to take out the pathetic looking  pot of melon plants which has (it seemed) produced nothing other that flowers.  Recently it hasn't even done that.  However, I have to rethink that.  I found one small, lonely melon developing.  I don't know if it will have either the time or the will to develop fully but I will give it the chance.  I am cutting back the borage also.  It has stopped blooming and is now dropping seeds.  I have already collected about 30 for next year.  I expect I will get a a number of volunteer plants next spring.  I should also take off the hyssop blooms that are mostly spent so I don't get volunteers next spring.  I want to move that patch away from the rose.


Didn't do much more than cut back the borage yesterday.  I got very lazy.  It happens every now and then.  But in the process I collected a lot more seeds.  I don't know what I will get done today.  The sun isn't up yet and I am simply enjoying my morning coffee.


Collected a nice little basket of peppers and tomatoes yesterday.  I plan to get the peppers cleaned and packaged for freezing today.  I saw the first fully open cypress vine flower also.  The hummingbirds will be happy.  We have dense fog this morning but I don't think we got any rain the weather people said we might get overnight.

So what am I reading today?

Tomdispatch as always.  I may have to find more written by Eduardo Galeano.

Undernews.  Interesting comparison.

James Howard Kunstler at Clusterfuck Nation.

A thought experiment from the Rude Pundit.  Caution: high tolerance for justified profanity required.

Grist has an interesting way to repurpose a backyard in-ground pool.

Mahablog on the not-distant-enough 2016 Presidential elections.  If were faced with a choice between any of the Repthuglicans or Hillary Clinton, I would write in Darth Vader.  God how I wish we had a "none of the above" option and what would happen if "none of the above" won?

My thoughts on this piece from Firedoglake are much too crude to write down.  One expensive, decade long failure evidently isn't enough.

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