Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Wet out in the gardens this morning.  We had rain yesterday afternoon--at times very heavy.  It continued last night.  No complaints since the more water Mother Nature provides the less I have to.   I have nothing I absolutely need to do in the gardens.  The tomatoes are ripening but none are ready to pick.  Some of the bull nose peppers could be picked but can wait.  The other varieties aren't ready yet.  I have a couple of squash I will take later this week.


Wet again in the gardens after overnight rain.  The news reports some areas of very heavy rain and flooding.  As one of the reporters remarked we needed the rain "just not all at once."

I love finding different ways to garden in small spaces.  This article describes "keyhole gardens."  Evidently they are popular in dry areas of Africa.  It conserves water and provides an easy way to apply compost to the garden.  If I had space...


We had a busy day yesterday so I didn't spend a lot of time with my normal on line reading.  The farm market is in full swing and we are staging our buying for winter storage so that we aren't overwhelmed with work.  We have corn to clean up and get in the freezer this week.  We will start looking for tomatoes to make sauce and stewed tomatoes next week and maybe more corn.  Our meat stocks were somewhat low so we replenished the freezer a bit.  I was surprised the prices weren't as much higher than we paid last time.  Given the drought, last winter's surprise blizzard and the pig virus I had expected a much higher jump.  We had several other stops as well so we spent the entire morning running errands.  I go everything skimmed if not thoroughly read.  See what I find today.

Well, Well--Walgreens just announced they would not be moving their headquarters to Europe after all.  Senator Dick Durban in Illinois has attributed the decision to pushback from consumers.  Maybe.  We had expressed our displeasure at our local Walgreens and, from the reaction, others had done the same.  We are still going to explore our local drug stores.  We figure it is best to know what options we have before we need to exercise them.  And who says the company won't make a different decision in the futures (after the furor dies down.)

We may be a bit cynical here but we had a good many questions about the missionaries infected with Ebola.  Evidently we aren't the only ones with questions.  Lambert Strether at Naked Capitalism (and other sites) has some we didn't even think of.

The mystery of the non-melting ice cream bar.  Can anyone really believe it does anyone good to put that crap down our gullets?

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