Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday.  Stewed the roma tomatoes (store bought and garden grown) yesterday.  We decided to include some of last year's peppers as well since the the new crop is coming.  I will finish up today and get the tomatoes packaged in one-pound lots.  Next week we will pick up some more tomatoes--my own are just coming in and I picked all of the ripe romas yesterday.  We also need some more sweet corn.  I checked on the spearmint and peppermint I have soaking in vodka and they are developing very nicely.  I have some beans to pick also.

A couple of thoughts occurred to me as I watched the news reports on the Ferguson events overnight. First, if your only tool is a hammer (as an old saying tells us), you tend to see all your problems as nails.  Ferguson evidently has a well, it seems, militarized police which means they are responding in military fashion.  Second, if the Ferguson PD uses the standard police slogan "to serve and protect" some very necessary definitions are missing.  Who are serving and what are they protecting?  It doesn't appear their black citizens who are a majority everywhere except in political offices and on the police force.  Third, what happened to the cell phones the police took from by standers who recorded the incident?  Haven't heard a mention of them since the first day.

And on that subject the folks at Political Carnival have some excellent observations.

Interesting that someone finally had the guts to make this observation.  And I would go even further and say that even in high paid occupations most college graduates will find their degrees not worth the time and money spent to gain them.

Ah, another conservative lie busted.  I always thought their dogma was doing a striptease on the political stage with this one.

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