Monday, August 11, 2014


We had a short deluge yesterday afternoon.  Though it looked ferocious it didn't drop all that much water.  I doubt it gave us more than a quarter of an inch.  We have more right now so I don't think I will get much done in the gardens.  I didn't get anything done yesterday except for watering.

An old saying: there is no honor among thieves.  Evidently there is no sense of honor in industrial food manufacturing either.  Which raises the question of why the government relies on an "honor system" for companies to report tainted products?  Two parts of this story utterly piss me off.  First, the defense attorney noting that the government doesn't even require testing for salmonella.  Woopty doo!!  The company did test for it and then fraudulently covered tainted batches with the test results for clean batches.  Second, the prosecutors agreeing to not mention the dozens of deaths resulting from this example of corporate greed.  That is obscene.  The company and its owners and executives should be held accountable.

Ah, yes!!  Some very snarky comments on our "do-nothing" legislators.  Thoroughly agree.

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